GB Company welcomes you with Strategically located Offices in the center of Arad.

The difference that GB Company makes in the Real Estate market with the offices it offers for renting is due to the quality of services, continuous improvement, fitting them with high quality materials at the highest standards, and strategic positioning in the center of Arad.

GB Offices is by far the best option for developing your business!

Horia Business Center

The Horia Business Center is located in an ultra-central area, 100 m from Arad City Hall, a unique office building with a durable structure, in an exceptional state both inside and outside with a generous 2000sqm.

The Horia Business Center offers a wide range of unique services: Baroque or Classic Baroque, conference room equipped with state-of- the-art technology, commercial spaces, green space with seating area, terrace, café.

Gb Offices


GB Offices offers ultra-central offices in Bohuş Palace, the Arad reference building. The offices in this building have a special charm and they urge creativity and productivity, modernly equipped with the possibility of open space or individual use.

GB Offices innovates with a dedicated business environment: One day office. The novelty is due to the arrangement of these offices, the classic and elegant style with refurbished furniture and artistic elements, or the unconventional style for those
who prefer the modern and colorful style.