With over four decades of experience in Agriculture, GB Company is your trusted partner when it comes to Agricultural Holdings or Agricultural Consultancy.

Company manages medium and large sized agricultural holdings located in areas considered to be the most fertile in Arad County.

What distinguishes us is that both the marshals and specialized cultures produced by us strictly adhere to the conditions imposed by the Code of Good Agricultural Practice set by the European Community to ensure a high level of protection of consumer health and the environment. Transparency and fairness of production steps, recommend us to guarantee the traceability of products.

Agricultural Holdings

Considering the direction of agriculture in recent years and the growing standards demanded by the European Community, GB Company with a predisposition to innovation has successfully implemented these good practices in its own agricultural holdings and has developed as the main objective the partnerships in the agricultural segment.

Agricultural Consultancy


The experience in Agriculture acquired over time determines us to be open to various forms of collaboration in this sector.